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Miami Dolphins expect QB Ryan Tannehill to speed up offense DAVIE,Darrelle Revis Jersey Fla -- Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill is being counted upon to get the offense to the line of scrimmage quickly, sometimes even without a huddle - and get it in an advantageous position, sometimes even through an audible. These are responsibilities Tannehill couldn't always handle in previous years,Jason Witten Jersey judging by the actions of those coaching staffs. But these responsibilities have been granted to Tannehill this season through coach Adam Gase and offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen. Basically, Gase and Christensen trust Tannehill to be the coach in the huddle,Aaron Rodgers Jersey a responsibility that began during OTAs and continues through the three-day minicamp that started Tuesday. It is their hope that it will continue through the regular season. "There's a lot of freedom in what we do," Tannehill said.Ryan Tannehill Jersey "I think that's going to make us always on the attack. We're not going to have to sit on our heels and feel like the defense is coming after us, and we have to figure out a way to make it work. We can put pressure on the defense by getting in a good play and always keeping the heat on the defense.Eli Apple Jersey" Christensen and Gase are stressing tempo with the Dolphins. They want to keep the defense guessing. And it shouldn't always be because they snap the ball quickly at the line of scrimmage. "Sometimes we're going to get on the ball and snap the ball quickly,Darron Lee Jersey snap the ball with 30 seconds left on the play clock," Tannehill said. "Sometimes we're going to get on the ball, use a cadence,Tony Romo Jersey use a hard count, see what the defense is in, adjust the play and go from there. Just because you're on the ball doesn't mean you're going as fast as you can all the way down the field.Clay Matthews Jersey We're going to mix it up." It'll be up to Tannehill, who had 24 touchdowns, 12 interceptions and an 88.Justin Hunter Jersey7 passer rating last season (21st in the NFL) to deliver what the offense needs. Previous offensive coordinators (Mike Sherman and Bill Lazor) and head coaches (Joe Philbin and interim coach Dan Campbell) didn't afford Tannehill the privilege to audible. And Lazor changed his up-tempo style after seeing the offense struggle in training camp. But the new regime has given Tannehill new responsibilities,Eli Manning Jersey and so far, he's handled them well. "He's a smart kid," center Mike Pouncey said. "He's very intelligent. I think this is what he's been waiting for his whole career, is to go out there and be the guy to kind of call the show. We'll see how it goes, but we think he's going to do really, really (well) here."